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Practice, practice, practice! The best way to learn new braids is to just TRY them! A lot of times we look at photos of braided hairstyles and say “I could never do that!”, but a lot of our favorite braids have been total accidents… like this, this and this. You just start braiding and weaving and see what happens. The best part about braids is there are no rules. These snail braids are no exception! Below, we’ve illustrated how the pattern of a snail braid, but everyone’s hair (and head shape/size) is going to be different, so the customizing the style is up to you. We would love to see you gorgeous gals (and guys-) give this hairstyle your best shot. Here’s the challenge:

Grab a friend and go for it! Try doing the snail braid on each other. The best pair of snail braids will be featured on the upcoming snail braid video tutorial. The deadline is JUNE 8, 2012. Send your photos to You’re welcome to take them on your smartphone or on a regular camera. Just try your best and make it fancy! We can’t wait to see how you do!

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