The A-list slimming drink

Get bikini-ready with NeuroTrim, the must-have addition to your summer diet.

No matter how body-confident you are, the thought of stripping off to a bikini is enough to bring out the insecurities in most of us. But if you want to avert bikini crisis in the lead up to your summer holiday and get a hot body fast, sip on NeuroTrim, the secret slimming drink A-list stars like Kim Kardashian swear by!

NeuroTrim, part of the NeuroDrinks range offers an easy way to support weight loss. At only 37 calories per bottle, this non-carbonated drink contains a special form of konjac fibre which helps to control appetite and keep pesky hunger pangs at bay. This delicious hydrating drink is also packed with green tea extract, which is well known for it’s metabolism-charging powers. Hello bikini body!

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