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Bex London

I love living in London; originally I came from
Scotland (although I am English) and even mum says that from the day I could
walk, I wanted to be on a pavement, not a country lane! So I came to London as
soon as I possibly could at age seventeen, got a job, found a flat and have
never even considered living elsewhere. I still even sometimes get that stomach
flip coming over a bridge across the Thames on the train to get to central
London – it is still exciting to live here.?

I’m intrigued by the Bex London fragrance portfolio
which celebrates areas of London. I love that they haven’t gone for all the
obvious places but have actually considered the other parts of London where it
isn’t so glossy, but it is still London. The fragrances are the brainchild of Rebecca
Goswell who worked with perfumer Francois Robert and the initial presentation
is a capsule collection in high concentration.?
The boxes are created by London based artist, Finn O’Brien and they’re

Each fragrance is named by postcode, so you have SE1
Notables; spicy and atmospheric to represent the old Thameside spice wharfs.
Next is N6 Notables that brings Highgate Village to life through fragrance.
It’s interesting with this one that it is a chypre with lots of fruity notes,
such as peach, mandarin and raspberry.?
EC2 Notable is a celebration of the creativity of the area and has fresh
notes such as lemon, lime and grapefruit. W1X Notable aims to capture the
sophistication of the west-end with coriander, bergamot and mandarin.?

Personally, I find conceptual fragrances quite hard to
get my head round; I like a fragrance to be called Orange fragrance (for
example) and then for it to smell like oranges. And, I am sure as I can be that
nobody really can distinguish notes in layers as they are laid out in top,
middle and bottom notes. You will just pick up what your nose dictates.
However, this is a young British brand with some innovative and exciting
concepts in the fragrance market and I hope it does really well. Find them HERE
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