Shu Know What Lanc?me Le Curler Reminds Me Of-

Shu Know What Lanc?me Le Curler Reminds Me Of-

I use my arsenal of naturally curly lashes to great effect. They’re my pride and joy. Shu Know What Lanc?me Le Curler Reminds Me Of-

Okay, so I can’t fairly call them “natural,” unless you consider the transformative powers of the mighty lash curler, aka the beauty god’s gift to linear lashed lasses everywhere, natural.

When it comes to my Shu Uemura lash curler, I’m ride or die! I rarely stray away from it for long. It’s just so great, perfectly curling lashes in a single swoop, but when I came across Lanc?me’s new $23 Le Curler I couldn’t resist giving it a little squeeze.

The curling surface, a silicone pad to buffer lashes and safeguard them from breaking, is pretty wide and should suit most eye shapes and lash lengths without crimping or pinching.

Even the hinge (“inspired by Japanese technology,” LOL!) is supposed to help it create an effortless lash look.

I’ve been alternating between Le Curler and my Shu for a few weeks, trying to compare the two, and I think it’s safe to say that the Shu influenced the Le Curler’s design. Same design, tension, same curly lash look — but it feels considerably heavier in my hands. Not heavy, I mean, it’s just a tiny little thing, but heavier than the Shu.

I like the results just fine, but I’m still loyal to my Shu. Shu Know What Lanc?me Le Curler Reminds Me Of-

Why fix what ain’t broken, right- When it comes to lash curlers, Le Curler isn’t revolutionary, but it borrows ideas from the best. It’s a good, albeit slightly more expensive, alternative to the Shu curler, which has been getting tougher and tougher to track down here in U.S. stores.

PRICE: $23
AVAILABILITY: Available now at Lanc?me counters and

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P.S. Do you use a lash curler- Which one’s your fave-

I also really like Sonia Kashuk’s curler. Marked down from $13 to $6.48 at

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