Last minute marathon tips

Preparation is key when it comes to marathon success, so make sure you feel ready for the big day with these top tips…

With three days to go until the first of 2012’s many historic sporting events, the countdown is on to get race ready. After hours of pounding the pavement for training and soothing painful blisters, 35,000 runners will descend on London to clock up those sacred 26.2 miles on Sunday.

Making sure you are prepared mentally and physically is crucial in the run up to any big sporting event, and here ex-army fitness expert Lucy Wyndham-Read reveals her top tips to get race-day ready:

Renew Yourself

It’s important to make sure you get used to any food or sports drinks you intend to use during the race. Choose drinks that are replacing sweat you lose during training, such as ZICO Coconut Water, ( which helps to balance fluid levels along with high-carb and sugar food. Take small mouthfuls of both throughout the race.

Stretch it out

Stretching is essential in the few weeks before the race – your body will have clocked up lots of miles but if you’re not stretching properly you could damage your muscles.

Last minute prep

Don’t try anything new on race week. Keep your routine, training and food intake exactly the same so that your body is fully prepared and won’t have any shocks.?

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