How to get rid of tired eyes

Tired eyes aren’t just the bane of new parents and party-rockers. Busy lives, stresses and strains can all contribute. So how do you get rid of tired eyes – Well for starters, are you taking care of your under eye skin-

How to get rid of tired eyes

The skin under your eyes can be ten times thinner than elsewhere on your face. And due to fewer oil glands, if you neglect this area of your skin, this is where premature ageing will show. Now, thanks to modern skincare, there are shelves of dedicated eye creams and products to help not just mask dark circles and tired eyes, but to treat them. From products promising to battle bags, to others helping to combat dark circles. Get into the habit of applying a dedicated eye cream both in the morning, and at night time. These will help rejuvenate and replenish the delicate skin there, adding much needed moisturise. This is particularly important as we get older because as we age the skin under our eyes gets thinner. Try using an eye cream rich in Vitamins A, E and C. And when you are removing your makeup, do treat your skin gently: never rub or pull skin, rather pat it.

Secondly, are you getting enough beauty sleep- Experts say if you’re feeling tired during the day, this is an indication you’re not getting enough sleep. On average, seven to nine hours is recommended though everyone is different. But don’t over-sleep, this is just as bad as not getting enough. Diet is another vital factor and it’s also important to make sure you’re drinking enough fluid. Water in particular helps keep you hydrated which in turn helps your skin to look better, flushing out toxins and tackling lines and wrinkles.

Have a rummage round your kitchen for natural helpers to soothe tired eyes. Top of the list are cucumber, white potato and a cooled, used tea bag. Placing a thin slice of the potato or cucumber over each of your eyes acts as cold compress while the tannins in the tea help to reduce puffiness and help dark circles. So just lie down and relax for about ten minutes if you can and let natural remedies take effect.

And makeup is your friend in this instances so do use concealer to hide dark circles in particular. Plus white eyeliner along the lower lash line will help create a wide-eyed look.
Finally for some,the problem runs much deeper into genes, diet and medical conditions such as anemia. So if in doubt, go see you doctor for advice.

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How to get rid of tired eyes

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